About Us

ICDA is an Organization of some like-minded young man and women committed for the development of disadvantaged groups of the society. This ia a non political, non profit, non religious voluntary organization.


Signed and audited statements are made available on demand. It includes Balance Sheet, Income & Expenditure Statements, Receipt & Payments Account, schedule to these, notes on account and auditor's report.


ICDA as a secular, socio-economic organization has undertaken to itself the task of Small and Marginal Farmers, the Landless, Dalits, Tribal People, Fisher folk, Minorities, Unemployed women, men and youth to move towards sustainable development by cultivating in them necessary skills in areas that directly affect their standard and quality of life. Furthermore, ICDA also works for the development of urban marginalized women, children, old and disabled. It sets a vision to facilitate activities that will enable the above marginalized section of society to achieve enhanced socio-economic and personal status over the next decade.


The Organization Annual Report disseminated/communicated and is made available on request every year within eight months of the end of the organization financial year. That the Board is having the written policy on purchase, disposal, sale of assets and investments etc. to gain comparative advantage to the organization.


ICDA is committed to and practices good governance because it understands that it draws upon public funds and private donations.

  • ICDA has a Governing Board and also it discloses name, age, sex, work experiences, and position of Board Members.
  • That the Board meets at least twice a year with quorum as stipulated in its own Articles of Association. That all remuneration and reimbursements to Board members are being disclosed.
  • That the board approves programs, budgets, annual activity reports and audited financial statements.
  • That the Board ensures the organizations compliance with laws and regulations.
  • ICDA is transparent and accountable to persons inside and outside the organization, who are interested and involved. This includes the communities served, the public, donors and volunteers.